Vinyl (874 Muraculon) – Protective Foam Coating

This breathable vinyl coating is used to seal fabricated and molded polyurethane type foams. This coating will provide protection and create a barrier to moisture, chemicals and most fluids that occur in the medical field. It adds durability to foam and is abrasion and mildly puncture resistant however remains soft to the touch and retains the foam’s cushioning properties. These qualities find particular use in the medical industry where cushioning and positioning devices are fabricated and used in sterile environments as well as in therapeutic practices. Other uses include cushioning for athletic devices, seat cushions, packaging and acoustical panels. The natural finish of the coating is satin; however, we recommend the use of F760 clear glossy topcoat for added durability and to provide a more effective surface for cleaning, especially for the use of sani-wipes, etc.

Colors we have in stock:

  • Black
  • Medical Blue
  • Gray

We can quote non stock colors as Plastidip has a wide range available.

Blue vinyl coating over foam item.