Excalibur® is a licensed, premium multicoat, nonstick cookware coating system consisting of a stainless-steel matrix applied by arc spray as a base coat. Three coats of a superior release system are applied over the matrix, creating the toughest, most durable cookware coating. Excalibur® is the premium nonstick coating for use on stainless-steel substrates.

  1. The surface of the substrate is blasted with an abrasive to roughen it, so other elements in the Excalibur process adhere to it better.
  2. Then, the most important part: white-hot particles of a special stainless steel are sprayed onto the roughened surface.
  3. The particles cool and harden, bonded to the surface, forming a series of "peaks and valleys" that provide a permanent base for the nonstick coatings.
  4. Several coats of tough fluoropolymers fill the "valleys" and cover the "peaks", held permanently in place by the special stainless steel particles.
4 sections illustrating the Excalibur process.

When to use Excalibur®

Excalibur® has as many uses as there are applications requiring the best of release and low friction combined with superior ability to resist all types of abrasive wear. Typical uses for the unique Excalibur® system include: